nevadya (nevadya) wrote in pro_smack,

30 day meme list?

Day 01 - your favorite song
There are so many, but I guess I'll say "King Without A Crown" (LIVE AT STUBBS) <=this version only,  by Matisyahu. There a part in the song that goes, "Your a slave to yourself and you don't even know, trying to live a fast life but your brains moves slow.  If your trying to stay high your bound to stay low. You want God but you can't deflate your ego" etc.  I remember loving it the first time I heard it but it wasn't until the 3rd time when I turned it up and heard the actual words clearly that it made me appreciate and love it even more. I had tears in my eyes because I could strongly relate to it and it really got to me. What an awesome song! Here's the link to listen to the whole song:
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