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high and alone

well I am high as hell sittin in my house all by myself hearing wonderful noises that have me paranoid as hell but i know that i can beat them if they come after me so what do i have to worry about. i am so horny right now though and doesnt matter what i do i cant get rid of this feeling i need some crazy ass sex thaat goes exactly how i want it to and when i want it to i just need that girl that can handle it all and i mean it all i wanna give it to her like she never thought she could get it and then i am still going to take some more. well dam there i go again getting to far into things. i am just here in the house alone and dont know what to do with myself i just want to be higher but cant do that till tom morning i am really starting to like this living here in va thing i thought it was going to bring me bad news but the first day i was here i find the hook up and its a good one now i just need to find that girl that shares all these feelings with me and this place would be perfect for at least a little while where is my freaky ass pill addict girl at i would love to find her and turn her world out like it hass never been before well gonna go
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