mikotweaks (mikotweaks) wrote in pro_smack,

Tweakin in the Bronx

What a strange way to spend the evening. So far my night has gone like this:

I arrived at Nevadya's house at about 8:00 p.m. She was sleeping, so I sat in the living room knitting while our boyfriend's played NBA Live.  I promised Wonka that I wouldn't mind if they played if I could bump it up. He responded with lightening speed, and soon we were off to see that bitch Tina. I know she is bad news, but damn she can put me in a productive mood! Besides, I haven't seen her in a few weeks. Work has been so stressful, that I deserve a bit of a treat!

So Wonka, Mugen and I took a ride. JP was already there when we arrived. Mugen immediately went to talk computers with Mr.Wizard, while I rambled with Wonka and JP, who  spent most of the evening looking up porn on his iphone that would satisfy my specific tastes. I only like girl on girl bondage. No men. I don't like strange penis. Not to be confused with a strange man with a penis, as I live with one of those. ;-)

Finally we arrive back in the Bronx and Nevadya is finally up. We chill. That bitch tina punches us in the face.  Then I spend  far too long creating a livejournal account so I can teach her how to use hers while she obsessively changes the music.

My jaw is tense, and my joints begin to ache from sitting in the same position for the last three hours.  I have the jitters. Maybe it's time to smoke a cigarette and knit a few rows.
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