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How Far Does This Rabbit Hole Go Exactly?

I personally am not a smack user nor have I ever tried it. Not saying I have anything against it or anyone who uses it. I just know my addictive personality all too well to know that if I ever go there, I doubt I would find a way back. Does anyone, really? All the drugs that I have tasted throughout the years I've enjoyed a little all too much for my well being. Even the ones that I disliked on the first and second try, I've wanted to try again as if not content with my feelings toward it when they weren't  positive ones. You know how there are the kind of  people who try to find the good in everyone, even in the worst kind of people? Well I am the kind who tries to find the good in any drug  I decide to try. No matter what, I can not be satisfied unless I'm certain of my dislike for it.  I never give up hope, never turn my back on it on the first second or third try and say that, that is it, that this is definitely a drug that I would never bother with again.  I'm always curiously looking for the reason  for others being so addicted to it. This thought alone intrigues me. As you might have already guessed, handling this situation in this way, always leads to me solving the case and finally getting my answer. Therefore leaving me in my own addiction towards it in the end, like a slap in the face. How far does this rabbit hole go? I always am curious to know. So when it comes to smack, let's just say, "I'll take your word for it." 
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