emptycravings (emptycravings) wrote in pro_smack,

LA beach area all the way to the hollywood hills..?

anyone have any connects in this area.. please, i know your out there... theres tons of junkies in venice, and all the way to hollywood. hell, ill even go downtown if its good shit... so, is there anyone who can help me.. all the mexican dealers are all either getting busted or are getting all crazy and dont like meeting "kids" even though im like 21(1 mo.!).. so can you please help me out if you see this and know your in the area>.. im not going to like steal your hook once you introduce me or anything.. ill continue to go through you(unless its a hassle..) and either break off sum shit to make it worth your while or you know throw a couple of bucks your way.. but im no yuppie, so i know when im being fucked... but as long as your up front with the shit, i have no problem. just in serious need of some new(good) connects! so please help out this sweet junkie( i actually am one of the few who hasnt let this shit like take my soul or human decency/lol). im a great costumer!! please im begging you.. So, if you get this in your friends list... and know your in the area.. send a message my way. thanks guys!!!
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