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putting the pieces together


well sorry haven't posted in a while i have been enjoying the weather and some fun new things i have found to do around here. when i got of yesterday i decided i was going to spend the whole weekend on my boat and just enjoy the summer and sun. i loaded up a couple coolers full of beer stocked up my pill bottle hooked up the boat and off i went. now i am out here lovin life right now nice and high knocking back a couple of cold ones and probably gonna just start pulling up to shore or wherever and see if i can add a hot little piece of ass to have some fun with me. im sure there is someone out there that would really enjoy sharing this time with me got plent of beer, pills, and of course dick to offer. lol
found some good local bands here lately from some people at work and even from someone on here. i went and saw one this week for the second time and it was good times i am really starting to get in the groove around here its kind of nice but scary at the same time because i told myself that i wouldnt let myself go straght back into this lifestyle but dam its who i am and i enjoy it way to much to just give up on it.
now the bad news i realized this week that i pushed the ex to far and tried to hard to get what i wanted from her and when i wanted it that i think i finally lost her. which i guess it was kinda what i wanted i mean i left her but kept her around because i knew i could and she would do it all for me but i think i finally went to far and now she wont speak to me or anything and it had made me kind of realize how great she was to me but at the same time we were going different ways but i am starting to wonder now if i should have just stayed with her and still kind of do what i want to just to have her in my life and the things she does for me it would kind of be nice to keep that around but is it really worth it part of me says yeah it really is because she will do everything for me and makes me happy sort of just we dont want the same things anymore then i think why should i when i can just do what i want without the stress i dont know i will figure it out i hope trying no to think to hard about it this weekend just want to enjoy my time out here on the river for the rest of the day then probably gonna go somewhere and watch the fight tonight it should really be good times
well let me get back to my cooler and my satchel of pills should be on again sometime soon to post some more and fill everyone in
staying high in the sun good times await
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Cool story, bro.
i know how you feel in the ex department, i managed to do the same thing to mine. the difference is we were eventually going to be the death of eachother!!! And boats, beer and pills sounds like an AMAZING time! Im way jealous. then again i went to a bbq and fight night so that was fun! I am glad you are finally getting in the groove of thigns around here. It can be a pretty fun place, you just have to know the right people and places to be. Which band did you see agian 4play?? I went and seen them on thursday they were badass of course!!! Glad i could help you ouyt. Seee you are stilling looking for a fuck doll, i cant believe you havnt found one around here. there are plenty of them. and sometimes you have let go of some people to move forward, or to make sure that they can be happy too. sometimes it sucks and hurts but its all part of life i suppose. My ex officially hates me i think. He told me the only way he could recover from the misery he goes through from losing me is buying a 45. It hurts to hear shit like that!!!well stay high and hope you keep checkin out the bands.
yeah i went seen 4play again on thurs as well. wow thats funny we were in the same place and didnt even know it. yeah i founs some ass this weekend but it sure wasnt anything i wanted she just kept complaining to take it easy and not do this and not do that and thats not what i have been looking for right now i just want to find someone that will want to just FUCK and when i say that I mean stright up down and dirty fucking you know what i mean